The X Society | The Balance & Business Mini Retreat
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The Balance & Business Mini Retreat

A creative art experience.

Business, Event, Mini Retreat, Wholistic
About This Project


One of the goals of The X Society is to help women entrepreneurs achieve BALANCE in their lives, so they can be better in their BUSINESSES.  The Balance & Biz Mini Retreat is the first in a series of events to stimulate focus for better results!


The Balance & Business Mini Retreat is a creative art experience to help you create a CEO life, snatch back control of your life and business, and be fabulously balanced.




We’ll start with an exercise to evaluate where you need the most attention,  and center your creative experience around that area.


Leave the Mini Retreat with

  • A finished art piece
  • A custom workbook
  • A mantra bracelet &
  • A renewed spirit


BONUS: A “Check-In” conference call 1 week after the class to make sure you’re still on track.