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Taking Note of a Successful Turn

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Taking Note of a Successful Turn

I’ve tried this entrepreneurship thing SSSOOO many times, from networking marketing to virtual assistance to several iterations of a women entrepreneurs’ group, including this one.  Some were complete failures (catastrophic even), some worked to an extent, some were mildly successful.  I’ve had so many starts and stops for various reasons, but this time things are different.

I’m not sure where you are in your journey, but I wanted to share 3 reasons why I know I will succeed this time around:

  1. I know who I am. I’ve always known who I am. Joi Turner of Baltimore, MD, begotten by…. You get the picture.  But it’s taken me a while to know myself emotionally.  And maybe “know” isn’t the most accurate word.  Let’s go with “accept”.  I accept who I am, all of who I am.  I accept what I enjoy, what I don’t enjoy, what I’m good at, what I do terribly, where I like to be and where you would never find me.   These things are important for business, because they play into how you design your business.  If you want to do something that makes lots of money, but you don’t enjoy it, are you the type of person who can sustain it?  I’m not.  I accept that I have to enjoy what I do.  Are you the type of person who hates being cold, but plans to lead outdoor yoga classes in Buffalo?  Probably not the best idea.  You have to be honest with yourself, because if you’re not, you’re going to fail.  Know who you are.  Accept who you are.  This is the planting soil for your success.  Things are very different this time for me, because I accept who I am.  I’m comfortable and people can read it, so I’m building a solid audience of absolutely AWESOME women entrepreneurs!
  2. I know what I want. Many people have said that you have to know your “WHY” when you’re starting a business. It’s so important, because it keeps you going even when you don’t feel like working your business. It gives you motivation during those tough times when the clients aren’t rolling in or your website crashes in the middle of the week and you have to build it from scratch (happened to me).  A strong WHY can help you build momentum again from a stagnant place.  Notice I said a strong  A strong WHY can’t just be “I want more money”.  I want more money to save for my child’s college education.  That’s a strong WHY.  There’s desire and emotion attached.  I want to create an independent income so I can work from home and be available for my son and free to travel while I work.  Another strong WHY that just happens to be one of my WHYs. J  It needs to be connected to something of the heart and something that you couldn’t accomplish otherwise.  Knowing WHY you’re in business for yourself is crucial to sustaining your success.  It’s a great point of reference on the days when you feel like giving up.
  3. I know how I want my business to look. You are building YOUR business, so it doesn’t have to fit conventional standards.  Be open to make this work for you.  Of course, if you have a B2B service, you may need to serve your clients between 9 am and 5 pm.  Or if you’re running a personal organization service, you may need to be available during evenings and weekends to meet with clients who would typically work during the day.  Outside of being available for the clients you serve, you can set your business up anyway you’d like!  Part of the desire to be an entrepreneur is to have freedom, and that freedom extends to your business setup.  The key is to honestly consider how you want your days to look, solely based on who you are: your personality type, time of day you do your best work, your family schedule, etc.  This time, I know exactly how I want my business to look.  I know what times of the day I want to work, I know how much I am willing to extend myself to my clients, I know how much facetime clients will receive, I know that I will need to start hiring or outsourcing certain aspects of the business that I don’t enjoy or don’t do well.  Because one of my reasons for being an entrepreneur is to escape the rigidity of the corporate daily structure, I am building my business in a way that allows temporal and locational flexibility.  Consider what’s important to you and focus on ways to build your business around those things.  Creating a business that I will enjoy working will decrease my chances of burnout.  This is very different from the way I designed my businesses before.  Another reason I know this will work this time.


These are my reflections on why I feel that success is inevitable for my business.  As always, I hope this helps you, encourages you, gives you hope or practical tips.  Above all that I’ve mentioned however, is STAMINA.  Don’t ever stop, because you never know which time will be “different” for you.


BONUS: I don’t plan on stopping.  When things get tough, we have a tendency to excuse our way out of it.  Maybe this isn’t my path or maybe this isn’t where I’m supposed to be.  What’s really happening most times is that you’ve transitioned from the honeymoon phase of your business to the building phase.  During the honeymoon stage, you’re excited, it’s new, it’s fresh, nothing can stop you. It’s you and your business against the world!  Everything’s flowing, you’re busy setting up your website, designing your business cards, and telling everyone your 30-second commercial.  And guess what?  They’re loving it!  But 6 months down the road, everything’s set up, everyone in your immediate circle knows what you do, and you’ve lost some momentum.  Now it’s time to find some new clients, research what works and doesn’t work, develop new products or programs, reconfigure your marketing budget, etc.  You’re not as excited, but there’s much work to do if your business is going to succeed.  In this moment, you can decide to walk away because it’s too hard, blaming it on having a different calling, OR you could roll up your sleeves and get to work!  Don’t stop when things start to get tough and your excitement fades.  This is the time to put in even more energy and effort.  You’ll come out a new woman on the other end.

Need a little help figuring out how to make it different this time?  Schedule a 30-minute Chat with Joi.  Visit for details!

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