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Listen and Encourage

Listen and Encourage





So powerful! Miss Simone Biles’ talent as well as her mother’s words. Listen and Encourage. If you have or know children, those are great words to put into practice, if you haven’t already. But it doesn’t have to be something that you only do for children. We can Listen to and Encourage one another.

Listen: Give attention to your fellow women entrepreneurs. Lend an ear and really hear and digest what she is saying. What are her needs? Her greatest desires? What are her struggles?

Encourage: Inspire her with courage, spirit, and confidence; support her; embolden and reassure her.

Imagine what we can accomplish when we support each other in this way! Look at what listening and encouragement did for Miss Biles. The sky is the limit.


Need some listening and encouragement?  Come on over to our Private Facebook Group: eXpand by The X Society

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