The X Society | January 2016: 31 Days of ACT-firmations
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January 2016: 31 Days of ACT-firmations

January 2016: 31 Days of ACT-firmations

On the 1st day of the year, I was inspired to post something inspirational on Instagram (@OurXSociety).  Initially, I considered the usual affirmations, but I frowned at myself immediately.  Why? (This is my opinion.)  I believe that affirmations are not the best use of our time.  For anyone who doesn’t know, affirmations are statements or declarations that, when repeated to yourself on a consistent basis, change your thinking about something and hopefully change an outcome.  Maybe a habit you want to change or a belief about yourself.  Affirmations a said to shift your mindset, thus changing your trajectory.  I personally don’t believe that affirmations alone change our thinking or circumstances.  My thought is that when you take an affirmation and add an action to it, that’s when the magic begins!

Thus, ACT-firmations were born!

Action, the very act of doing something, creates the new habits and muscle memory (even if that muscle is your brain!) that makes the affirmation stick!! Below, you will find two of my favorite “ACT-firmations”.  You can find the rest on Instagram.  Enjoy!

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ACT-firmation Day 14

ACT-firmation Day 7

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